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  • What size umbrella should I use?

  • For 40 quart and larger ice chest models, a 7’ beach umbrella is recommended.
    For 50 quart and larger ice chests, a 9’ beach umbrella is recommended.
    7' umbrellas typically shade up to 6 people and 9' umbrellas can provide shade for up to 8 people.

  • Can any ice chest be used with the ShadeCooler Umbrella Mount?

  • At this time not all ice chests are compatible with the ShadeCooler Umbrella Mount. For a full list of compatible coolers, click here. A minimum size ice chest of 40 quarts is required.

  • Can my ice chest be empty when using the ShadeCooler Umbrella Mount?

  • No. Because the design leverages the weight of your cooler to stabilize the umbrella, it must be used with a moderately full ice chest.

  • Is this safe to use in high winds?

  • It is not recommended to use a beach umbrella in any scenario in 10+ mph winds. A ShadeCooler mounted umbrella, when used in conjunction with a full ice chest, is able to withstand moderate wind. It is recommended to exercise common sense when deciding to use a beach umbrella on a windy day.

    When using the product, always face your cooler handle and ShadeCooler Umbrella Mount into the direction of the wind (pictured at right). Failure to do so could cause damage to your umbrella and/or compromise the integrity of your ice chest.

  • Do I need to remove the umbrella before opening and closing my ice chest?

  • No! The patented design allows you to easily open and close your cooler while the mount and umbrella are in use.