The shadecooler mission

At ShadeCooler, we believe in seeking adventure outdoors, an ice cold beverage, plenty of shade to go along with it. We are adamant about throwing the right kind of shade: Looking cool while staying cool. We know that only Mary Poppin’s umbrella should fly away and no one should have to fall victim to a dumb sunburn. We are made for the shade.

ShadeCooler is American-made. Created, designed and inspired by two friends.

On a hot summer day in Florida, Leo Mustaki watched as several families struggled to set up their beach umbrellas and maintain their positioning. The need for an easier device was clear and the idea for ShadeCooler was put into motion.

Leo sought advice from his friend Mike Chaloux on technical design and measurements. Mike took the lead on producing prototypes and the patented umbrella mount we’ve come to know and love was born.